See what Sir Lawrence Freedman thinks. From the inside.

To promote the APG Big Thinking on Strategy conference, we imaged Sir Lawrence's brain while he throught about the history of strategy.

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The Challenge

APG is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to supporting excellence in advertising and communications strategy. The challenge for JWT, who was promoting the 2014 APG Big Thinking on Strategy Conference, was how to impress a discriminating audience of experienced advertising strategists and planners.

The Solution

We scanned the brains of three of the APG keynote speakers (Guy Murphy, Sir Lawrence Freedman, and Bridget Angier) as they silently gave their presentation in the scanner. We used their brain scan data to help JWT create a set of print advertisements promoting the conference.

To support social media, we developed a custom database of brain regions and when JWT received #APGBigThinking tweets mentioning the brain or brain-related functions (e.g. memory), they used our database to respond with a brain slice image that highlighted the relevant brain regions along with a short explanation of their associated functions. Impressive.

‍Tweets included brain areas and an explanation of their function

The Results

From an afternoon in our neuroimaging centre, JWT was able to leverage the 'seductive allure' of neuroscience and create innovative and engaging print and social media creative befitting APG's commitment to excellence in advertising.

"This worked perfectly. You’ve helped us out way beyond what we could ever have asked of you", James Keane, Creative Lead, JWT

For additional information on consumer neuroscience, download our free Guide to Quality Neuromarketing.

Researchers Involved

Prof. Joseph Devlin
Jeremy Skipper

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