Psychological benefits of epic parties

Can partying in the deepest pool in the world improve creativity?

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The Challenge

To support their 'Release your Inner Tequila' campaign, Desperados wanted to test whether extreme party experiences stimulates creativity. To test the theory, Desperados took rented out the world’s deepest pool and hosted a ‘Deep House’ party featuring world-renowned DJs Peggy Gou and Artwork. Partygoers wore cutting-edge SeaTREK diving technology and listened to the music in high definition. 

The Solution

ACN researcher Dr Daniel Richardson conducted a series of psychological tests on party-goers, which showed a 27% elevation in mood and an 30% increase in creativity, suggesting that there are indeed mental benefits of unforgettable experiences.

Peggy Gou commented, “I’ve been lucky enough to DJ all over the world but playing at the deepest dance floor ever at the world’s deepest pool for Desperados Deep House is an epic first for me. It was a unique experience to see people expressing themselves in their own way on the dance floor to my music! It shows if you have the right mindset, the world is your dance floor.”

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Researchers Involved

Prof. Daniel Richardson

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